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We love classic manual typewriters! We sell Professionally Restored portable vintage manual typewriters: Olympia SM3 De Luxe, Olympia SM4 S (Signature), Olympia SF, Olympia SM9 De Luxe. Remington Portable Model #1, Remington Portable Model #3, Remington Portable Model #5 and Remington Noiseless Model #7. Our Expert Technicians spend over 15 hours professionally refurbishing and servicing each machine. Please browse our inventory: Restored Vintage Olympia Manual Typewriters for Sale and Restored Antique Remington Manual Typewriters for Sale. You can order our typewriters on

On our Support Page for Manual Typewriters you can download free Olympia Manual Typewriter Operating Instructions (PDF), download free Remington Manual Typewriter Operating Instructions (PDF), discover where to purchase new Typewriter Ribbons, read how to use a Manual Typewriter, discover how to make Typewriter Corrections, learn how to install Typewriter Ribbons, resolve common Manual Typewriter issues such as keys are stuck, carriage does not move, printed type is too light.

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