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Dear Readers. We have shipped 1,200+ Professionally Restored Manual Typewriters to our Domestic and International Customers. Unfortunately, sometimes we encounter very dishonest people. Please be careful with the Buyers below.

Kenny Ng
(Huntington, NY)

Also known as Kenneth Ng

Buyer Kenny Ng lied that we shipped to him a broken Olympia Manual Typewriter. We sold 1,200+ typewriters worldwide. We NEVER ship broken typewriters. Kenny Ng used the Typewriter for 8 days then claimed it was "broken." We do not know what happened to the Typewriter and Case while they were in his possession. We purchased Full Insurance Coverage with UPS. But Kenny Ng refused to file UPS Insurance Claim. Kenny Ng lied that the Carriage Lock is inoperable. The Carriage Lock works fine. According to our Expert Technicians, Kenny Ng broke the Case Latches when he unpacked the typewriter. When we received the typewriter back, we were forced to repair the vintage case. We refunded Kenny Ng's money in full (100%) including shipping.

Stephen Vallera and Ronald Vallera
(Chicago, IL)

Stephen Vallera

Be very careful with Stephen Vallera and Ronald Vallera. We sold them a professionally restored typewriter. The Buyers lied that the typewriter was broken. They demanded money or they would destroy our business reputation. We refunded the money. But Stephen Vallera and Ronald Vallera left false negative feedback. We will remove all references to Stephen Vallera and Ronald Vallera once they delete their False Negative Feedback ( that has damaged our business reputation.