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1935 Remington Rand Model 5 Manual Typewriter
1935 Remington Rand Model 5 Manual Typewriter
1934 Remington Noiseless 7 Manual Typewriter
1935 Remington Rand Model 5 Manual Typewriter

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Remington Portable No 1 Manual Typewriter


These little machines were marketed aggressively and were a great success. They were the first truly portable typewriters with four-bank keyboards, and in this category they had no competition until Royal and Underwood introduced four-bank portables in 1926. The "folding-typebar" mechanism raises the typebars to a 45-degree angle, the printing position, by means of a lever on the right side of the typewriter. The typebars must be lowered again when the typewriter is returned to its case. The carrying case is sometimes wood or metal covered in leather or imitation leather; usually (as on all subsequent Remington portables), it is wood covered in black cloth. In 1924 the price of the Remington Portable was $60 (~$800 in 2012).

Remington Portable No 3 Manual Typewriter


When Remington Corporation figured out that its portables could type without raising the typebars to a 45-degree angle, the #3 was introduced. This is much like the #2 except that there is no rising panel or side lever. The typebars rest at an angle of only 15 degrees and are surrounded by a metal lip marked "Remington" (or, rarely, "Remington 3"). This typewriter introduced the paragraph key -- a key that automatically advances the carriage five spaces (labeled "Self Starter" on some models and specimens). The machine comes in various attractive colors and color combinations, such as this red/orange specimen.

Remington Portable No 5 Manual Typewriter


This Remington typewriter was hand-built at U.S. Factory in 1930 - 1940s. It was a symbol of American ingenuity, intellectual superiority, state-of-the-art engineering and high-quality manufacturing. This very precise instrument was envy of the world. In these precarious times for United States, this Remington Typewriter will remind you of American Glory Days. Definitely one of the best typing machines! Great collectible that will only increase in value as the years pass!

Remington Portable No 7 Manual Typewriter


The "Noiseless" is one of the few typewriters that achieved true "quiet" typing! No type bar smacking the platen. Just a gentle push to the printing point. This machine has easy alignment, superior print quality and a near noiseless typing experience. Great for those that work late at night, have children or prefer a quiet ride. Billed as a desktop typewriter, this is really somewhat of a hybrid model: it's light enough to move around yet heavy enough for office requirements at 19 pounds, 3 ounces in its case. This was a very popular model for professionals and serious writers, valued for its Noiseless feature and speed mechanism. This model can accommodate paper up to 9.5 inches wide, with a writing line of 8.2 inches. The later models appeared in Charcoal matte finish and were equipped with improved plastic key tops instead of glass key tops with metal rings.

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