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Professionally Restored (Refurbished) *Rare* Black 1960 Olympia SM4 S (Signature) Vintage Portable Manual Typewriter with Case
(Similar to Olympia SM3 De Luxe)

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Stock ID: CVT-974
Make: Olympia
Model: SM4 S (Signature) *Rare Black Model* originally available only by Mail Order from Olympia Factory, Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
Date of Manufacture: 1960 (Made in Western Germany)
Serial Number: Hidden for Buyer's Privacy
Font Size: 10 characters/inch; Character Height: 0.125" (Max)
Font Style: Serif
Typewriter: Like-New Restored (Refurbished) Condition; Black (original color). All Metal Construction. Guaranteed excellent mechanical operation.
Case: Like-New Restored (Refurbished) Condition in Black color.
Includes: 1 Brand-New Black Ribbon Installed, Case Key, Original Olympia Operating Instructions.

LIKE-NEW PROFESSIONALLY RESTORED (REFURBISHED) CONDITION. Our Expert Technicians spent over 15 hours professionally cleaning, restoring, servicing, adjusting, repairing and testing this vintage typewriter. The Platen has been professionally recovered with fresh rubber. Feet & Feed Rollers have been thoroughly cleaned. Guaranteed excellent mechanical operation. Free Lifetime Technical Support via Email.

Olympia Typewriter Features:

* Manual Margin & Tab Sets * Single, Double and Triple Line Spacing settings * Variable line spacer * Carriage & Margin Release * Automatic ribbon reverser * Bi-color ribbon selector * Carriage shift * Carriage lock * Touch selector * And more!

History of the Olympia Typewriters:

Olympia story begins in 1903, Berlin. Under the direction of Dr. Friedrich von Hefner-Alteneck, European General Electric developed Olympia manual typewriters. In 1921, the first successful Olympia Model 3 rolled into market. Two years later, the company set up shop in Erfurt, Germany. During 1930's, Olympia Simplex, Model 7 and Model 8 gained popularity worldwide.

By 1943, World War II raged over European skies. Allied Forces bombed the city of Erfurt and severely damaged the Olympia Factory. In April 1945, eleven remaining employees survived the capture by Soviet Forces. The East German government seized the Olympia Factory and renamed it "Optima." Several employees fled to West Germany and set up shop in Wilhelmshaven.

From late 1940's onward, Olympia enjoyed worldwide success. By 1961, half of all typewriters in West Germany were built by Olympia: Simplex, Progress, Elite, SM and SF Portables.

Olympia machines ("Mercedes Benz" of typewriters) are legendary for their craftsmanship, eye-catching design and exceptional reliability. These machines were favored by authors Woody Allen, Patricia Highsmith, Stan Laurel, Robert Penn Warren, James Michener, Evan S. Connell and Carson McCullers. Olympia Typewriters are perfect for enthusiasts who wish to own an aesthetically pleasing object but also want to type to their heart's content.

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